• Let Our Experience be Your Guide

    Over 20 years of first hand international travel, hands on research and strong relationship building has culminated into our current Expedition Portfolio.

  • Safe and Efficient Logistics

    The trip has not come to end, until your mount is hanging on your office wall or in your trophy room. We assist in the planning of your custom itinerary, with door to door service.

  • Remote Locations and Traditional Hunts

    For those who want to experience Africa as Ernest Hemingway once wrote or have a desire to pack into the Canada bush for trophy sheep, we have options for the most adventurous clientele.

  • Deluxe Lodging and Concierge Services

    We bring you some of the best lodging, gourmet meals and professional service options in the world. You don't have to rough it on every trip!

  • True Professionals & World-class Trophies

    All guides are not created equal. We pride ourselves on working with true Professionals, combined with opportunities to hunt and fish in some of the world's most game rich country.


Alaska to Africa

Bowhunting Only, Rifle and other specialized trips for North American Game, African Safaris, Trophy Red Stag and other Worlwide Trophy Hunts.



Freshwater & Saltwater

Big Game Trolling, Fly Fishing, remote Fly-outs and 4-star Fishing Lodges in Alaska, Costa Rica, Mexico and more.



Europe to South America

Argentina Dove, Duck and Perdiz Hunting, European driven hunts and other Deluxe shooting options in Southern Africa

  • Our Competitive Edge

    We're international travel clients ourselves ... plus lodge owners. So, we understand both sides of the coin!

    We've catered to a variety of discerning clientele; Corporate Professionals and Professional Athletes; Heads of Fortune 500 Companies and Head's of State; Small business owners, Archery fanatics and even European and African Royalty.

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  • Testimonials

    • "Drew is an accomplished bowhunter himself and that's important to me. I started off with a bowhunting trip to CO where I took both a P&Y Elk and Muley in 3 days. Since then, I've been to Alaska and Canada for Grizzly, Caribou and a monster Dall Sheep

      Dr. Todd Fruchterman, 3M Pharmaceuticals
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