Amazon River Peacock Bass Fishing in the most remote and Trophy Waters

Although many well established land based lodges are situated past these natural barriers, they have no mobility to seek better water levels. More importantly, those areas become rapidly overfished, 2 to 3 hours upriver or downriver. Our cabins, however, move daily to unfished river segments, spending the night along Caribbean-like

In our 12' x 23' dinning/sitting lounge, you will dine on linen table cloths enjoying our chef's four course meals. An excellent variety of both continental and exciting regional dishes, make up the week's menu.

What you won't find are many pesky bugs. The pristine rivers we fish have naturally-high tannin levels (from extensive leaf decay) which discourage the development of biting insects. Of the few bugs which might exist, our daily mobility eliminates any possibilities of concentrations.

5 Days Fishing from $3,490/pp

Quick Information

    Remote Floating Cabins
  • Rio Negro - Amazon
  • 21 ft Bass Boats
  • 2 Angler Per Boat
  • 3 Species of Peacock Bass
  • Remote Fly-in to Location
  • Airline flight to Manaus
  • Average Temps 85º - 95ºF
  • Guides, Boats, Meals, Snacks
  • Catch up to 20 fish/day
  • Up to 100/day on Fly Gear
  • Contact for complete prices
  • Our Competitive Edge

    We're international travel clients ourselves ... plus lodge owners. So, we understand both sides of the coin!

    We've catered to a variety of discerning clientele; Corporate Professionals and Professional Athletes; Heads of Fortune 500 Companies and Head's of State; Small business owners, Archery fanatics and even European and African Royalty.

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  • Testimonials

    • "I started off with a bowhunting trip to CO where I took both a P&Y Elk and Muley in 3 days. Since then, I've been to Alaska, Canada and back to Colorado. Drew is an accomplished bowhunter and that's important to me. Looking forward to Grizzly in 2013 and Dall Sheep in 2014."

      Dr. Todd Fruchterman, 3M Pharmaceuticals
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